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Emma McGowan writes about startups and sex.

Emma McGowan's Bio:

Emma McGowan is a veteran blogger, SFSI-endorsed sex educator, and regular contributor to, Unbound, and MiKandi. Her work has appeared on Mashable, Broadly, The Daily Dot's The KernelMic, Bedsider, and The Bold Italic. She's the Editor in Chief at the sex tech website Kink&Code

Emma is a sex positive feminist whose hobbies include making patterns and sewing, embroidery, connecting with other women, and reading at least three books a week. 

Follow her on Twitter @MissEmmaMcG.



Emma McGowan's Experience:

Emma McGowan's Education:

Emma McGowan's Interests & Activities:

writing, reading murder mysteries, vintage fashion, old cars, speaking Spanish with a mishmashed South American accent, sewing, decorating, looking at old stuff, museums, walking everywhere

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